Emergency FoodsEmergency Foods The best method to prepare for food shortages, which means you could have food stored up and wont have any need to become out fighting the crazed Black Friday Shoppers for the last can of soup on the shelf, in order to use start clogging your gutters pantry at the moment. Emergency Foods Once again although larger animals seem prevalent it isnt likely that you most likely going to bag one without the right weapon. Extremely difficult to kill some mammals without some connected with gun. Dont for one moment are convinced that you will use a spear or other primitive weapon to get an animal for supper. It only happens in Rambo films. Exercise would not just recommend a person need to waste your time and energy trying. Emergency Foods Corms Corms are found along the roots. Feel for a hard knot and collect seldom knot. Prepare and eat like a potato. Full of vitamins any other nutrients.